M403T-HC Fan Blade Scanner
The automated in-service inspection of aero-engine fan blades is a key component of aircraft safety designed and manufactured by engineers from Tieval and implemented on most major aircraft.

In 1996 engineers from Tieval developed the first fully automated ultrasonic inspection system to detect sub-surface cracks in wide-chord fan blades. The self-calibrating and auto-sentencing system was introduced as a mandatory inspection on Rolls Royce RB2-11 fan blades. 
In 1996 the original M401 system was introduced as a mandatory inspection on Rolls Royce RB2-11 535 E4 and 524 G&H fan blades.

In 1999 new versions, the M401V and M403V systems were introduced for the inspection of International Aero Engines V2500 fan blades.

Many of the early systems are still in operation after many years.
In 2013 the M403T fan blade scanner was introduced for the inspection of Trent aero-engine fan blades and the systems are now capable of inspecting the following engines:
Trent 500 - Airbus A340 Trent XWB84 - Airbus A350-800 & A350-900
Trent 700 - Airbus A330 Trent XWB97 - Airbus A350-1000 - Due 2020 Approval
Trent 800 - Boeing 777 RB2-11 535 E4 - Boeing 757
Trent 900 - Airbus A380 RB2-11 524 G&H - Boeing 747 & 767
Trent 1000 - Boeing 787 IAE V2500 - Airbus A319, A320, A321 & Boeing MD-90 - Due 2020 Approval
Trent 7000 - Airbus A330neo
The M403T system, as illustrated with a V2500 fan blade under inspection, is very large if an operator only wishes to inspect V2500 fan blades.

The M403T-HC system has been introduced for operators who do not require to inspect Trent fan blades and is of similar size to the original M403V systems, this system will be capable of inspecting:

RB2-11 535 E4 - Boeing 757
RB2-11 524 G&H - Boeing 747 & 767
IAE V2500 - Airbus A319, A320, A321 & Boeing MD-90 - Due 2020 Approval
The new M403T-HC system is now available to order and can be supplied with all necessary calibration pieces for both RB2-11 and V2500 inspection.

The modern architecture system operates using TiView software on the Windows 10 operating system and utilises modern servo motors and drives. The system has a Tieval three channel digital ultrasonic card which is plug and play and controlled using configurations remotely downloaded from the Tieval website.

An annual TiCare support contract covers all aspects of system maintenance with spares held in a central bonded stores and includes an annual calibration and one emergency maintenance visit. This support contract also includes remote customer support and diagnostics and free of charge regular software and configuration updates.

The system has intelligent process control and stores c-scan data of every inspection (pass or fail), all blade records are removed at annual calibration visit and stored at Tieval throughout the lifetime of the fan blades.
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