Tieval engineers have worked with some of the most exacting inspection requirements for over thirty five years and can draw on unrivalled experience to offer consultancy in the design of systems and processes over a large range of applications.
Composite Inspection

Tieval engineers have been involved in the development of numerous composite inspection processes and systems over the last thirty five years.
Fuel Rod Inspection

Tieval engineers developed the complete processes for the inspection of nuclear fuel rods for the United Kingdom nuclear industry creating automated systems and processes to locate gas pores as small 0.1mm diameter in welded fuel rods whilst quantifying all aspects of weld penetration.
GLARE Inspection

Tieval engineers worked with the Technical University of Delft to develop inspection processes and systems for GLARE (Glass Re-Enforced Aluminium) the material used in the manufacture of the Airbus 380 fuselage.
Fan Blade Inspection

Tieval engineers designed the system and processes for the in-service inspection of wide-chord fan blades, the complete automatic auto-sentencing system was developed and delivered in 1996 on a twelve week time scale.

Tieval engineers applied an advanced version of this application to line-chord fan blades in 2011.