General Purpose Inspection Systems

Tieval manufacture a wide range of general purpose inspection systems and can also offer upgrades to existing automated inspection systems.
TiCore for Windows 10 is a software package written by Tieval engineers and supplied with automated general purpose inspection systems. The software has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of major manufacturer specifications.
The modular software system is designed to operate with various motor control systems and various data sources across a large number of configurations of inspection system to allow a user all required flexibility for any inspection process.
Illustration of results from a Tieval immersion system inspecting a 50mm x 50mm x 50mm titanium block containing a 0.5mm diameter flat bottomed hole.

The inspection system was equipped with a PC based Socomate USPC7100 data acquisition card and a Harisonic 5MHz focused probe with data captured every 0.5mm across the surface of the component.

The software, if required, simultaneously generates both a defect scan and a back-wall scan for result confirmation.

The video is captured in real time.