Shaft Inspection Systems

Tieval manufacture new rotary shaft inspection systems and can also offer upgrades to existing shaft inspection systems.
Systems can be supplied in accordance with the requirements of:

SNECMA DMC0020, Rolls Royce RRP58002 & RRP58020 (RPS716), AMS-STD-2154, ASTM E 317, BS EN 12668 and any other requirements upon request.

Tieval offer full mechanical and electronic calibration services on all systems including ones from alternative manufacturers.
TiCore for Windows 10 is a software package written by Tieval engineers and supplied with automated disc and shaft inspection systems. The software has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of major manufacturer specifications.

The software is packed with features to ease inspection of rotary components:
Automatic Probe Normalisation System capable of fully automated probe normalisation against test block and component.
Automatic Probe Beam Profile Calculation System capable of automatic calculation and storage of probe beam width and symmetry.
Automatic Focal Compensation System automatically adjusts scan profiles to suit actual focal length of probe.
Semi-Automatic A-Scan Inspection Continuous system rotation with speed adjustment and indexing capability to allow semi-automated visual inspection.
Fully-Automated C-Scan Inspection Repeatable automated inspection against operator programmed part profiles.
Automated EBD Resolution Pulse Repetition Frequency and Index Step automatically set to required percentage of Effective Beam Diameter.
Speed Compensation Automatic speed compensation against component diameter change.
Data Logging and Reporting
Fully automatic logging of system functions and results.